Cass MàZ

Fredericton based artist Cass MàZ (Cassandra Mazariegos) was born in Fredericton but grew up in the village of Gagetown and now resides back in Fredericton. She started painting in 2018. Unlike many typical artists she must use an array of different techniques to accommodate for her many issues caused by a stroke in 2013. She started by hosting a paint and sip for her 26th birthday, arranging for an artist to come and lead a paint and sip. Fascinated with the techniques she was shown, she then discovered many different techniques through YouTube. She started off using Saran wrap, Q-tips, cotton, and debit cards.

In the past nine years she has taken an Introduction to Painting class, a photo transferring workshop, a painting people/places class, and graduated NBCCD (New Brunswick college of craft and design) in April 2022. She has also written an article that was published in April 2020 for a local art magazine called Created Here and has had art up in Isaac’s way art auction, as well as having her art displayed in local businesses. She has expanded her love of Art by selling at a local market every weekend at the Fredericton Creators Market.

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Fredericton based artist Cass MàZ
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